Baby Enya is 7 Weeks Old!

I have been a terribly forgetful person all my life and pregnancy has taken a big chunk of my memory retaining abilities so I’m possibly turning into a goldfish now, nor not, I can’t remember.

Anyway I can’t believe 7 weeks of my maternity leave has passed just like that. The days have been quick to fly past me in an endless repeat of coupled with a few outings and visits from friends and family that have kept me sane (having conversations with your oblivious newborn is not exactly the best for mental health).

But as I sit here with my laptop reflecting on the days past, I feel a keen sense of accomplishment in having helped Enya grow and progress these past few weeks. Much of it being of her own merit – Kudos to her for knowing how to scream/cry/wail when she needs milk or a diaper change cause her mama ain’t that observant.

My lackadaisical attitude towards reading up on baby caring best practices drives my other half nuts and in turn, his nagging drives ME nuts. But frankly, I have found that learning together with your newborn can be such a great bonding experience. Like how i found out that newborns have a non-useful ability to projectile vomit down the back of your shirt while burping. Of course, if I had googled on how to burp a baby, it would have recommended the use of a burp cloth, but where is the fun in that? Lesson learned though, and now I know to use a burp cloth. See! Same learning outcome.

And because I don’t do crazy amounts of research on newborn’s week by week development, I avoided the stress of fretting over if my newborn is progressing faster than other babies (Which there is no need to compare OF COURSE since mama’s sure Enya is a G.E.N.I.U.S). Instead, I just marvel at every developmental changes she has exhibited thus far and let her lead me on how she wants me to help her. Its called baby-led-feeding/sleeping/weaning and its a legit way of parenting TYVM.

Parenthood has been a great experience thus far and I’m so thankful to be able to partner up with such a supportive (and also annoyingly perfectionist) husband on this journey. Many cheers to our lost couple-time and even more cheers to our future Family-time.

With Much Contentment and Love.


WhatsApp Image 2017-10-20 at 16.14.25

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