Start of a Journey to Parenthood

As I step into this exiting new juncture in my life, thought I’d write about it to capture my thoughts as it happens.

I just got married last November after 10 years of dating and it was AMAZING. The wedding came together exactly as I intended it to be… kinda… given my free-spirited (read: un-organised) approach to planning a wedding.

Before we signed our lives away to each other, my husband and I had discussed what it meant to be married. More than just a legally binding document, we felt that it was a renewed promise to stand with each other through thick and thin. I’m not going to go into the controversies of how some people disagree with the whole institution of marriage etc etc etc. But for us, at least, we chose to love each other and progress in our relationship in this manner.

Another thing we discussed was also our expectations on having children in our lives. THIS IS A HUGE THING BTW AND ALL COUPLES NEED TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE CLEAR ON THIS AND CAN REALLY ACCEPT WHAT EACH OTHER WANTS. Luckily for us, we both are really clear that we love kids and would want a big family. It is just a matter of how many we could afford in both time and money.

We both agreed that we were ready from the moment we got married and got down to making it happen in our honeymoon. Anyway with the whole baby-making thing, we knew that it was always a leave-it-to-fate kinda situation so we didn’t fret over it and just enjoyed the process. Though for a joke, my husband lifted me upside down after sex cause I said its supposed to help with conception (I was laughing my ass off,  though I thought I should just put this info out there for reference for wannabe parents?)

We actually conceived our child on one of VERY few occasions we had sex during our 2+ week honeymoon. Backpacking trips apparently don’t make for very good honeymoon if baby making is on your list.

In any case, I had no idea that I conceived during my trip so my poor hatchling had to bear with it’s parents crazy itinerary which involved sleeping on trains, having to lug up your belonging up 4 floors in narrow stairways (that’s European houses for you), being homeless in negative degree weather in Luxembourg and the best part yet, tearing both your ACL and MCL while rolling down down the ski slopes of Zermatt.

And the best part was, we found out about the pregnancy only when I was about to undergo surgery to replace my torn ligaments back home. I had to delay the surgery till either later on in the pregnancy or, if I could help it, till I delivered. Which, for my baby, I would endure anything!

Fast forward 4 months, I’m now in my 18th Week and loving every minute of it.

I started this new section on my site titled: Journey to 5 to document my husband’s and I decision to journey to parenthood, and if we are lucky enough, to be parents to 5 lovely kids some day. Yes you read it right, 5 kids, in Singapore.

I’m crossing my fingers!

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