Buying Cheap Tickets to Taiwan

Now that I’m officially an EMPLOYED PERSON! Vacation means that I no longer have to fight for expensive plane tickets with the majority of the families during school vacations.

Spying a good deal on flights, I quickly booked a return ticket to Taipei for just 198SGD per person via Tiger Airways. I flew from Singapore on Saturday Morning at around 8.30am and arrived at Taipei Tao yuan airport at 1.30pm. Coming back, took a Wednesday flight at around 2.30 pm and arrived back in Singapore at 7.30pm.

So I had this notion that I was a free-spirit and a 11 day vacation was sufficiently long (which on paper sounds like it is).


Plus I went in July, which is SUMMER! I love summer:)



After trying to work out our itinerary, I realized that I’m much closer to being a greedy-ghost. I just wanted to fit everything in! And I also learned that right smack in the middle of summer = hell’s fire which I suppose partially explains why tickets during are cheaper.


I then proceeded to go through the entire 5 stages of grief for my impending trip:


” What problem, there is no problem. It’s fine, I’m pretty sure if I just find a mode of transportation that travels at the speed of light and not waste time doing human business-y stuff such as eating and pooping, I will be able to accomplish everything on my list”



“Why can’t I change my flight?! what is this “non-exchangeable” word? Is it even English? Are you saying that I don’t deserve to be treated like a proper customer just cause I’m cheap?….!!!”

rage in my heartNote: you can actually change your flight but it costs like a gazillion dollars to do it.


“Ok babe, what if we just Fedex ourselves to China via express shipping and then take a train to Xiamen and switch to a boat to Taiwan, we can make it by dawn…oh it costs a billion dollars to get there that way?…ok… Plan 2, what if…”



“Why was I so stupid. If I had just paid that $50 more to take the return flight on a Sunday and flew there via Scoot so that we could get the overnight flight. It would have been perfect…”

life sucks

A friend of mine actually did that. He flew during the same period to Taipei via Scoot which had schedules arriving in Taipei around 5am in the morning (Save a day!) and it ended up costing just $200.



“F*** it. Still going to Taiwan. Sayonara suckers


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