Taking a Bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and Back

I was a really greedy kid as a child. The kind of pudgy one that spends her day dreaming of how to get her cake and eat it too. So when it comes to making decisions on things I love like travelling, I become one obsessed b****.

I had 5.5 days in Cambodia and I really wanted to visit the ancient wonders of Siem Reap and also the young city of Phnom Penh. WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO! Flights between the two cities are pretty pricey so we went with the next best thing, taking a bus.

Lucky for us, the popularity of the route has led to the emergence of a pretty competitive market for such inter-city bus services. There was plenty of operators to choose from and eventually I went with this bus company called Giant Ibis.

Although Giant Ibis’ tickets are priced about USD5 higher than their competitors, I liked the fact that this new company seems to have a focus on road safety and has a zero-accident policy since they started. This ranks highly on my consideration as I was going to take the night bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap and will be spending 7-8 hrs on poorly lit roads with lots of speeding traffic.

You can wait for the bus in their office and the driver will come get you when they are ready to go.

Every bus is fixed with a GPS that monitors the driver’s performance (i.e. speeding). Also with overnight buses, you get sleeper beds which is pretty awesome since you get to stretch your legs fully for the entire journey. The buses are also equipped with free wifi and electrical outlets for your use.

They even contribute back to the society by supporting the conservation efforts of the Ibis bird which is the national bird of Cambodia.

The air-conditioning is really cold, but not to fret since the beds come with a small pillow and a set of blankets as well. Despite the jerky ride from poor roads, I was easily rocked to sleep and had a well-rested night aboard. If I ever visit Cambodia again, I will take definitely  take the Giant Ibis’ bus again!



About 4 buses run per day between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and you can find the schedule on their website:


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